Plus Four
Brown and Syme
Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers
Total Golf Bizhouse Nelson: 2015 - 2016

Leaderboard for 2021-22 week 11

Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers
Frank Freeman Lawyers Division 1
PosNameLast scoreADJ AGG
1Brown & Syme59585
2Mahana Solutions60571
3The First Light53566
4Brown & Associates56565
5Airtemp XPATS52560
6Nelson Coachlines52547
7Richmond Plains45544
9Port Nelson48536
10Homes By Orange48524
11Fulton Hogan54520
12Turf Hotel50518
13Out Of Bounds Golfers47508
14Sealord Squid43506

Brown & Syme
Brown & Syme Division 2
PosNameLast scoreADJ AGG
1Bowater Toyota50517
2Plus 4 Young Guns47511
3Dimpled Balls51509
4Telfer Young45507
7Plus 4 Originals46497
8NBS Boys44479
9Hamish Fletcher Lawyers45473
10NBS Girls44457
11Carters Tyres40455
12Cooper Webley45435
13Plus 4 Girls54421
14Design Windows095

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