Plus Four
Brown and Syme
Brown & Associates Accountants
Total Golf Bizhouse Nelson: 2015 - 2016

Plus 4 Girls

Division: 2
Rank: 16

Sarah JaneNZ Golf Handicap2911519.176
Wendy HunterNZ Golf Handicap1932162
Kim BiggsNZ Golf Handicap1815519.388
Robbie Liddell14234916.333
Sally HetzellNZ Golf Handicap1510116.836
Jewell MellorNZ Golf Handicap197418.54
Deb AllaisNZ Golf Handicap1717171
Philipa EberlienNZ Golf HandicapN/AN/AN/A0
PamNZ Golf HandicapN/AN/AN/A0
Robyn WhiteNZ Golf HandicapN/AN/AN/A0
Jenny N0NZ Golf Handicap6661
NashNZ Golf HandicapN/AN/AN/A0

Team weekly scores

Wk1Wk2Wk3Wk4Wk5Wk6Wk7Wk8Wk9Wk10Wk11Wk12 AGGADJ AGG *

* Adjusted Aggregate score is calculated as [Aggregate - best weekly score - worst weekly score] and thus is only meaningful from week 4 onwards.

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