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Brown and Syme
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Total Golf Bizhouse Nelson: 2015 - 2016

Current status/forecast

Round 10, 7th February

Hi Guys and Girls

I hope you are all ready to enjoy the Pus 4 Insurance Solutions Business House Golf season.
Important Notice:
Round 16 (Drinks and Raffles)
-We will be holding an evening at McCashin’s Taproom on Thursday 30th March. (weather dependent for the rest of the rounds) There will be plenty of raffle prizes and give aways but it will also be a time to network and have a few drinks. Blair and I would love to see you all there.
We are staying with the 5.30 start time for tonight.
See you tonight,
Sean and Blair


Rules Clarification

Hi guys, I wanted to clarify the dropping for a lost ball rule that we run at Business House golf.

If you have lost your ball in the rough, to help speed up play you may take 1 penalty stroke and drop a ball close to where you think the ball was lost.

This rule is different to when a player hits the ball Out of Bounds, if you are sure the ball hasn’t gone out of bounds and the ball is lost then you may drop the ball as the rule above. If you are unsure if its Out of Bounds or lost then treat as Out of Bounds and you must play a ball from where you struck the last shot.


Message from the Bar/Cafe

Please remember Nelson Golf Club’s Liquor License does not allow for BYO Alcohol on the course

The cafe team welcomes new and old players to 2023 Business House

This year we are changing things a bit, instead of having pre-ordered and pre-paid meals after your game, we will have a pie warmer in the back bar plus a selection of cabinet food to purchase. Plus, as normal, you can order a large bowl of fries to share with your team.
Pre Tee Off – we will have the BBQ going for you to purchase something hot plus snacks and, of course, cold beers and other drinks.
Looking forward to seeing you all

Plus 4 Insurance, Nelson Business House Golf

Welcome everyone to the Plus 4 Business House golf for the 2022/2023 season. We are very excited about this year’s comp.


If you are back for more ..

View last year’s final league tables. …. Reckon you can do better this time ?

The comp is the same with the best 3 scores counting each week, and we will be playing in your own teams for the first 7 weeks before we split into 2 divisions and then we also split teams at this stage as well.

All the very best to you all for this years event may the best team WIN!!!!!

Sean Riordan

A big thank you to our sponsors

Naming rights Sponsor, Plus 4 Insurance Solutions, the industry leader in our region for all your insurance needs, if you are thinking insurance please contact Alan Bradnock at Plus 4 Insurance Solutions.

Division 1 Sponsor – Hamish Fletcher Lawyers, Hamish is well know in our area and Hamish and his Wife Dinz have a passion for golf, and I thank them for their continuing support of Business house golf, if you ever need a lawyer please contact Hamish Fletcher for sound advice!!

Division 2 Sponsor – Brown and Syme A big thank you once again to the team at Brown and Syme for supporting Business house golf. If you are thinking of and home or industrial decorating please Give Richard Haynes and his team the opportunity and you wont be disappointed.

New Sponsor alert

Mccashins Brewery and The Mccashin’s Tap Room

Scott, Sharon and Colin, Blair and I would like to thank you for the support. Sponsoring the team worst score with a box of your finest and also supplying vouchers each night. We look forward to having a social event on the 16th week of business house at the Tap Room and enjoy what you guys have to offer!!

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