Plus Four
Brown and Syme
Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers
Total Golf Bizhouse Nelson: 2015 - 2016

Hamish Fletcher Lawyers

Division: 2
Rank: 7

Frank FreemanNZ Golf Handicap1716414.9111
Hamish FletcherNZ Golf Handicap1611015.717
Dinz FletcherNZ Golf Handicap2010717.836
Chris McgeownNZ Golf Handicap1717171
Sharon McGeownNZ Golf HandicapN/AN/AN/A0
Annie TillerNZ Golf Handicap1818181
Graeme WilsonNZ Golf HandicapN/AN/AN/A0
Val WilsonNZ Golf HandicapN/AN/AN/A0
Jack FletcherNZ Golf Handicap2217717.710
Chris AllenNZ Golf Handicap1410615.147
Matt McalpineNZ Golf Handicap1532162
Deryn FrenchNZ Golf Handicap1734172

Team weekly scores

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* Adjusted Aggregate score is calculated as [Aggregate - best weekly score - worst weekly score] and thus is only meaningful from week 4 onwards.

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